Monday, February 19, 2007

Good Inspirations

1. God speaks to us in many ways. He speaks in the language of nature. Sky and earth tell us of their Creator. Walk in silence beneath the night sky and contemplate the myriads of stars above. It is impossible not to sense the power and beauty of the infinite God. Look at the flowers in the meadows and the silent forests. Look out across the vast expanse of the ocean, where the waves are breaking and surging but never cross the limits imposed on them by their Creator. It is easy to repeat the words of St. Augustine: How great and good You are, O God! The voice of God can also be heard in sermon and instructions, in the example which the Saints give us, in the advice of confessors and Superiors and others whose task in life it is to enlighten and guide the faithful. Let us listen to these voices, for they represent the voice of God.

2. There is one very special way in which God communicates with us. He condescends to speak directly to us in the intimacy of our hearts. Our ears do not hear this voice, but we experience it in the depths of the spirit. When we are tempted to fall into sin, suddenly we hear its warning tones. Perhaps we have already fallen, this voice pursues us again, inviting us to return to God. Sometimes after Holy Communion we converse with God and He speaks gently, making us understand that true happiness can be found only in His love and service. These are the holy inspirations which God gives us. At such moments we should reply meekly like the prophet Samuel: Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth. (I Kings 3:9-10)

Moreover, we should follow Samuel's example in putting into practice the instructions of the Lord.

3. These good inspirations are a wonderful gift from God, but it can be disastrous to refuse to hear them. Are we being called to reform our lives? Let us begin immediately the hard task of changing ourselves. Are we being called to Christian perfection? Let us be generous. Remember the words of Bossuet who said that perfection is like a high mountain which must be conquered step by step. So begin the ascent right away in obedience to God's wishes. Remember that to ignore a holy inspiration is an insult to God and a deviation from the straight path of perfection. It is a proof that we do not love Jesus and are not prepared to be faithful to Him. In fact, we are risking our own eternal salvation. Remember the case of the young man in the Gospel who was asked to leave everything and follow Jesus along the way of perfection. He did not do so, and we cfannot say with certainty whether or not his soul was saved.